Custom On-Farm Butchering

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At Woodhull Locker we will come to you and take care of all of your butchering needs. We offer the convenience of on-site butchering so you never need to leave your farm.

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Woodhull Locker

At Woodhull Locker, we strive to satisfy all of our clients by producing the highest quality cuts and packaging we can possibly offer. We offer the convenience of delivering our services to you, so you don’t even need to leave your farm. We are an on-farm butchering service that specializes in butchering your cattle & hogs, breaking the meat down, sectioning it off and then packaging it. We guarantee all of our clients satisfaction and build long lasting relationships. Contact us today for more information!

What We Do

Woodhull Locker guarantees a great return on all of our cuts and we don’t stop there. We make sure that after your cattle/hogs are butchered, the area is left clean with no mess.

Custom on farm butchering


We break down the meat

Package it up

Custom Meat Processing

After we butcher your meat, we will take care of all of the necessary processing. This includes breaking down your meat, sectioning it off and packaging your meat.

100 % Guaranteed

Our on-farm butcher services are guaranteed and we offer you the best butchering services around. We take care of the clean-up and guarantee your satisfaction.